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During the time that has elapsed since the foundation of the company, we continually improve the efficiency of our operations and increase our business. From 2005 to 2008 in addition to the rapid growth of revenues from the provision of services, from year to year, we have also significantly increased the average value of the closed position and the total number of completed projects.

Changed at the end of 2008 economic conditions had a significant impact on virtually all economic sectors. In autumn 2008 many companies began downsizing, recruitment was suspended. This has led to radical changes in the labor market and could not affect the business of the companies that provide services for recruitment, and on our business in particular.

At the same time, in early 2009, many companies were resigned to the new economic realities. On the one hand, the crisis helped to get rid of unnecessary and inefficient resources, on the other hand, companies with the need for top managers, are able to achieve results in the current economic conditions.

Attracting financing, restructuring the existing loan portfolio, optimization of assets, increasing the manageability of business, cost reduction, increase sales and improve the quality of work with existing customers - these the key challenges facing business leaders today. Despite the changed conditions, managers are able to effectively address key business challenges and are now left without work, little has appeared. That is why the search for top management has not become easier, and independent search for companies without the involvement of professionals is unlikely to be successful.

We are pleased that most of the clients with who we worked last few years, we continue to cooperate in the selection of key top managers.

In keeping with the times, we have increased the area to work with state corporations and companies with official capital, expanding the range of customers in such organizations, and successfully closing the leadership positions and encouraging the independent directors.